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Bible translation is a labour of love. Every detail matters, both to the translators and to those who hear God's Word through the translation.

MVH Solutions has extensive experience of working with key actors in the global Bible ecosystem, including YouVersion, United Bible Societies and Unfolding Word. It has processed Bible translations in thousands of languages. This wide and deep experience enables us to approach new projects with confidence.

File Conversion

MVH Solutions has converted Scripture content to the most popular digital Scripture formats, including USFM, USX and OSIS. We have performed these conversions from many formats including MS Word, CSV and database records. We can convert individual files or translations, or process batches of similar translations.

Publishing to Websites

MVH Solutions has produced HTML of Scripture for phone apps and websites. The structure of the HTML can be customised depending on the needs of the project. For example, it is possible to maintain headings and paragraphs, or to produce "plain text" for each verse.

Publishing eBooks

MVH Solutions has produced ePubs for several Bible Societies, and has also written a fast ePub generator for the Digital Bible Library. In both cases the emphasis has been on complete conformance to the ePub specification. The resulting ePubs include navigation aids and rich formatting.

Import and Processing Pipelines

MVH Solutions has developed robust import and conversion pipelines that have handled thousands of translations and languages from dozens of organisations. These toolchains have been optimised to identify processing issues and to work reliably with minimal maintenance.

Quality Checks and Analytics

Quality control is vital when processing Scripture data. MVH Solutions develops checks as part of all its projects, so that issues may be found and fixed early. We have also developed code to analyse and compare multiple translations.

API Development

MVH Solutions has contributed to many Scripture-oriented APIs written in several programming languages. The aim in all cases is to produce robust, secure and performant endpoints which can meet all the needs of modern applications.

Proof of Concept

Sometimes a demonstration really is worth a thousand arguments. MVH Solutions has often produced proof of concept of novel data processing and user interface concepts, as part of strategic decision making by organisations. Rapid prototyping can be applied to a wide range of server and client technology.







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